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Hair away ready to use wax strips olive oil & aloe vera 40un#000000000000422865


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Drug caution code

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1 Wash and dry well areas to be waxed. Dust skin with talcum powder to remove any presence of humidity. Blow away excess.
2 Take a strip from the pack and rub it between your hands for several seconds in order to heat the wax. Separate the strip slowly starting at the larger extremity. You will obtain two sticky strips.
3 Apply the sticky part of a strip on the skin. Smooth it firmly several times in the direction of hair growth to help the strip adhere to the hair. If your hair grows in different directions, apply the strip accordingly, following hair growth (this happens mainly on arms and underarms).
4 Hold your skin taut with one hand to reduce any signs of discomfort. With the other hand, use a quick and sharp motion to remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.
5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the hair has been removed. Remember to use each strip until it no longer adheres to the skin.
6 Once waxing is complete, wash skin with cool water, dry and apply a fragrance free emollient cream.

Do not pull the strip away from the skin. This will break hairs and may cause injury to the skin. Always maintain the strip parallel and close to the skin's surface.

Waxing other body parts
In order to taut skin well, place one hand behind your head and stretch your arm backwards. Hair will normally grow in two directions. Therefore, wax in two steps, completing the top and then the bottom of the underarms.
Bend your leg outwards. With one hand, hold the skin taut to minimize discomfort. With the other hand, remove the strip with a quick and sharp movement in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Tricks for using Hair Away Strips
- Hair Away strips work best on hair that is about 6-8 mm long. If hair is too long, they overlap and the wax will not cover them equally. It will be necessary to shorten them adequately before waxing.
- For optimal usage, store strips in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact of strips with water, as they will not function as well.
- For small surfaces (underarms), cut smaller pieces of strips. This will simplify waxing, making it less cumbersome and more precise.
- To minimize ingrown hairs, exfoliate skin with a friction glover on a regular basis.
- Avoid waxing during hot weather. To avoid sweating, apply talcum powder and blow away excess.
- Once waxing is complete, if some residue remains, simply pat it down with a used strip so that it comes off.
WARNING - Do not use on irritated, cut, sunburned or bruised skin or over moles, warts and varicose veins, if your suffer from diabetes or circulatory problems. Do not use inside nose or ears, in the eye area, on eyebrows, eyelashes, nipples, breasts, perianal, vaginal and genital areas. Consult your doctor before using this product if your are taking medication that can affect your skin or if your suffer from a skin condition. You can use Hair Away wax strips if your are pregnant. However, your skin may bruise more easily. ALWAYS PERFORM A PATCH TEST 24H BEFORE waxing on a small area of skin to be waxed. If no reaction appears after 24h, proceed with waxing. After waxing, wait at least 24h before exposing treated skin to sun or to irritants such as deodorant, antiperspirant or perfume. KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. IN CASE OF INGESTION, IMMEDIATELY CONSULT A DOCTOR.

Polybutene, glyceryl hydrogenated rosinate, aliphatic C5 petroleum hydrocarbon resin, ethylene vinyl acetate, olive oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate, CI-61565 (green 6).