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Hair away cold wax aloe vera and vitamin E 600g#000000000000077966


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Drug caution code

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1 Wash areas to be wax and dry them well. For successful results, avoid perspiration.
2 Remove lid and place the jar in the microwave for 20 second intervals at medium power (total heating time depends on microwave model and power).
3 With a spatula, mix wax well at each heating interval until a creamy texture is obtained (about 40°C).
4 Dip a spatula in the heated wax and wipe its underside on the edge of the jar.
5 With a spatula, spread a thin coat of wax in the direction of hair growth.
6 Apply a tissue strip (coton or pelon) of 20 cm or 8" over wax and smooth in direction of hair growth 2-3 times to help strip adhere.
7 With one hand, taut the skin and with the other hand, pull the strip with a firm movement, in the opposite direction of hair growth, keeping the strip close to skin.
8 After waxing, simply wash away residues with water and rehydrate skin with after waxing cream.
- If overheated, this wax can cause serious burns.
- Do not use on sensitive, irritated or injured skin.
- Do a patch test 24h before waxing on a small area of skin to be waxed. Proceed if no reaction occurs.
- To avoid burns, maintain wax at 40°C. If too hot, let it cool down a few minutes.
- Always wear oven mitts while manipulating the jar and keep it away from any exposed skin.
- Stir well behind the thermometer for a more reliable temperature reading.
- Do not force the stirring of the wax if it is still hard. The inside of the wax can be boiling even if the top layer is hard. Forcing the stirring can cause the wax to spatter and lead to serious burns.
- Certain microwaves overheat only the top or bottom of the jar, which can pierce the jar. Manipulate jar with caution.

Sucrose, aqua/water, titanium dioxide, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate.