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Glad clingwrap clear food wrap 30 m#000000000000015826




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Natural health product
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Drug caution code

Drug caution code

Sub brand name ClingWrap
U.P.C 067489106371
#DIN 00000000
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1 LIFT EDGE TO START. Find start of roll. Return to box.
2 PUSH TABS TO HOLD IN PLACE. Place box on flat surface and push in tabs.
3 TEAR UP AND ACROSS. Pull amount of wrap needed. Tear wrap up and across.
4 CLINGS TIGHT. Stretch over food for long-lasting freshness.

Microwave Directions:
1. Allow at least 2.5 cm of space between Cling Wrap and food.
2. Turn back one corner of Cling Wrap to vent.
3. Use of any plastic product with foods high in fat and sugar may cause melting. Always use caution when removing wrap from heated foods.
GLAD CLINGWRAP PLASTIC FOOD WRAP: Extend foods' freshness with Glad ClingWrap Plastic Food Wrap keeping air out with a superior seal cling versus the national brand
PLASTIC FOOD WRAP: Glad ClingWrap will adhere to multiple surfaces from glass to metal, keeping leftovers fresh and keeping odors from seeping out
CLING TIGHT WITHOUT A FIGHT: Glad ClingWrap will grip tight, and provides 3X the freshness based on moisture loss in produce versus no protection to keep your foods fresher longer
FOOD PLASTIC WRAP: BPA free and made with no plasticizers, Glad ClingWrap is perfect for storing, prepping, steaming, protecting food and reheating leftovers
MULTIPURPOSE PLASTIC WRAP: Glad ClingWrap comes packaged with a built in wrap cutter, is microwave safe and provides a versatile plastic wrap for all kitchen and household needs
! CAUTION: Sharp cutting edge under tear strip. AVOID CONTACT.

*Product not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A).