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Clera cold sore gel treatment 5ml#000000000000093810


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Drug caution code

Drug caution code

The owner-pharmacists affiliated to Familiprix are solely responsible for the sale of these products, which are under their control and supervision. Any medication or natural health product may cause serious adverse reactions and/or interact with other medications. Carefully read the label, warnings and inserts provided by the manufacturer and talk to your pharmacist when purchasing such medications or natural health products. Always keep medications and natural health products out of the reach of children. In order to avoid any adverse effects caused by a medication or natural health product, please refer to the product's Drug Caution Code.
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U.P.C 628467003503
#NPN 80073006
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Duration of use: use for a maximum of 10 days. If the cold sore lasts for more than 10 days, discontinue use and consult a health care professional.
Recommended dose: adults and adolescents 12 and over: 1-2 drops, 2-8 times per day.
Directions: for topical use only, do not ingest. Remove any cosmetics prior to applying clera™. Apply drops directly to the cold sore, until the sore is healed. Always wash your hands before and after treating the cold sore with the gel. Keep the cold sore covered with the gel during waking hours.
WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. To avoid spreading the infection, always use a disposable cotton swab to apply cosmetics to an unhealed cold sore. Do not pick or squeeze the cold sore, as this will cause scarring and delay healing.
Prevents cold sores appering*
Speeds healing of cold sores*

Recommended use: treatment for cold sores. *clera™ helps prevent cold sores from occurring (when applied at the first sign of itching or tingling). *Shown to shorten healing time of cold sores by 2 days or more. Soothes the symptoms of cold sores. Using clera™ can result in smaller cold sore lesions and fewer recurrences of cold sores. Its use will not lead to resistant strains of the herpes virus.
*When applied at first tingle

Non-medicinal ingredients: glycerin, zinc gluconate, xanthan gum, purified water.

(Per dose unit):
Medicinal ingredients
Stannous fluoride (tin difflouride) 0.4%