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Helixia Prospan Kids cough syrup with ivy leaf extract 100ml#000000000000001044


Private brand
Natural health product
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Drug caution code

Drug caution code

The owner-pharmacists affiliated to Familiprix are solely responsible for the sale of these products, which are under their control and supervision. Any medication or natural health product may cause serious adverse reactions and/or interact with other medications. Carefully read the label, warnings and inserts provided by the manufacturer and talk to your pharmacist when purchasing such medications or natural health products. Always keep medications and natural health products out of the reach of children. In order to avoid any adverse effects caused by a medication or natural health product, please refer to the product's Drug Caution Code.
Sub brand name Prospan Kids
U.P.C 625972013430
#NPN 80024461
Content 7.0 MG / 1.0 ML
Read enclosed leaflet before use.
Shake well before each use.

Take Prospan® by Helixia® Kids cough expectorant for at least 1 week.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Age: infants under 1 year old; weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) or more; dosage*: consult a healthcare professional before use or if use exceeds 7 days. Take 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp), 2 times daily for at least 1 week.
Age: children 1 to 5 years old; weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg) or more; dosage*: take 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp), 3 times daily for at least 1 week. Consult a healthcare professional if use exceeds 14 days.
Age, weight: children 6 to 11 years old; dosage*: take 5 ml (1 tsp), 3 times daily for at least 1 week. Consult a healthcare professional if use exceeds 4 weeks.
* Use the enclosed measuring cup

Can be used for up to 6 months after first opening the bottle.
Store at room temperature.

Do not use if your child is allergic to ivy, sorbitol or to any of the other ingredients listed.

Tamper-proof bottle. Do not use if seal is broken.
Relieves cough
Loosens mucus & phlegm
Medicinal ingredient: 7 mg/ml extract of dried ivy leaves (hedera helix l.). Extraction ratio of 5-7.5:1 (7 mg extract is equivalent to 35-52.5 mg dried ivy leaves). Non-medicinal ingredients: citric acid, flavour, potassium sorbate, purified water, sorbitol (each 5 ml dose contains 1.93 g of sorbitol as sugar substitute), xanthan gum.