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Nuk 3-in-1 pacifier clip 3un#000000000000034159


Private brand
Natural health product
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Drug caution code

Drug caution code

Sub brand name N/A
U.P.C 885131620774
#DIN 00000000
Content 0.0  / 0.0 
Fits all leading pacifier brands
Keeps pacifiers clean & secure
Fits Button Pacifiers
Fits Ring pacifiers

Care: For day to day cleaning, wash with luke warm and mild detergent then rinse clean. Attach only to clothing.
WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents a Strangulation Danger.
CAUTION: Do not attach ribbons or cords through ventilation holes on pacifiers. Do not leave baby unattended while using a pacifier. This product is not meant as a toy or teething ring. Use only under supervision. Before each use, check carefully, discard if damaged. To avoid risk of strangulation, do not lengthen retainer band or use while child is in a cot, bed or crib.