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Nûby the Nibbler feeder for babies reduces risk of choking #000000000000058809


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Natural health product
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Drug caution code

Drug caution code

Sub brand name The Nibbler
U.P.C 067988533647
#DIN 00000000
Content 0.0  / 0.0 
Care instructions: wash before initial use and after each subsequent use. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Place items to be chewed in the net. Squeeze and twist rim to lock food in The Nibbler™ Feeder.

Replacing mesh net: to replace net, squeeze marks on rim and twist to unlock. Disassemble from handle. Lift previously used net from inside and discard. Remove any packaging materials from replacement net and insert through rim. Pull net through rim until secure. Insert fruits or vegetables into net. Squeeze marks on rim and twist along handle to lock in place. Please retain these instructions for future reference.
WARNING: Never leave child unattended while using this or any other infant product. Always use this product with adult supervision. IMPORTANT: Remove any plastic attachments and packaging before giving to children.

WARNING: Always use this product with adult supervision. To avoid possible injury, do not let child walk or run with The Nibbler™ Feeder. This product is to be used as a feeding aid only. Do not use The Nibbler™ Feeder as a toy or pacifier. Remember to discard or replace if there is any damage or wear to The Nibbler™ Feeder. Inspect and replace product if there are tears, snags, and/or an unraveling occurs with net. Replacement nets are available for purchase. Keep The Nibbler™ Feeder out of reach while not in use. WARNING! PACKAGING MATERIALS: Please discard all packaging materials immediately upon opening as they may present a suffocation and/or strangulation hazard to infants and small children. These packaging materials may include plastic bags, ribbons, safety pins, tape, plastic tags and other materials used in packaging.

BPA free